Saturday, June 27, 2009

Must Watch Video

We watched a video today that was so good I wanted to put the link on our blog. I think it can give everyone hope that has a difficult start to their adoption. Watch segment 11 "Montana."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Study Over!!!!!!!

Finally our home study is over. We have completed all the paperwork, training, and the home visit. It feels like we are actually making progress now. We have our Dossier Packet requirements in hand and are taking our I-600a and the $650 to San Bernardino to get approved through immigration to adopt out of the country.

The home visit went smooth and was not as stressful as we imagined. Eleanor, or social worker, talked to the kids about the adoption, at least as much as she could to 7, 4, and 3 year olds. It only took an hour or so. She told us the purpose of the international adoption home visit is to make sure the child has a place to sleep, and the home is safe. She said if it was a domestic adoption there would have been a long checklist to go through and would have taken much longer.

Well off to gather the Dossier paperwork. Keep praying for us.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Study Almost Completed

It is June and we are almost done with our home study. We have the Dossier Packet in hand and are starting that. We are very excited because Eleanor, our social worker, will be coming to the house in a few weeks to finish the home study requirements. We met with her today and the reality of going to Russia and bringing home our child is getting closer. We are realistically looking at travelling late next Spring or early Summer. We also found out that we are an good fit to adopt out of the St. Petersburg area. I am excited to be able to learn about the region he will be from and to learn about his heritage. Charity is excited because that means a nice hotel. We are looking at about a $26,000 before our travel. We will be able to apply for grants and loans after the home study is completely done. We know God will provide us the money for this child. Please keep us in your prayers.