Thursday, August 19, 2010


After 5 months of waiting we have finally heard that our paperwork has been registered in Krasnoyarsk!!! It's been registered since March when it got there, but our adoption agency just got the approval. That's okay-we'll take it!! Referrals generally come 9-12 months (or faster) after registration, so we could have his info by Christmas! That's what I am praying for. What a great gift that would be!! As we have gone through this process we are learning more and more that God's timing is always perfect. We have really learned that it's all about the journey to get there, not just about the end result. We have experienced so much loss in the last few months with family & CHP family, but God has used all of the emotions & experiences to get us ready for Jonathan. He has given us peace that our lives are moving forward & we have joy in the hope of what lies ahead.

We are learning to see hope & progress in the little things. Over the last few months I have again been praying for God to show us SOMETHING...anything that would show His work in this adoption. He has been faithful to show us little things....getting a surprise dresser for free that was needed to get Ben moved into his new room, updated paperwork from our social worker with projected dates of this year for adoption completion, friends adopting from northern China....Mongolia is the only country separating our son & their daughter......the list goes on. Even when we haven't gotten exactly what we were hoping for, we got something. So, now here we are in August 2010, almost 18 months after we submitted our preliminary application & took the biggest, scariest step of faith we have ever taken.

In the meantime, we are starting the process to figure out what's going on with Tara's behavioral issues. Everything is pointing towards ADHD & we'll be having evaluations done next week. We're looking at therapy & possibly meds for her, but we are ready for some answers & help. I know what we are experiencing with her is part of the process to get us ready for Jonathan & has made us better parents. I've realized it's when you throw up your hands & admit you don't have a clue what to do with your child's issues that clarity & progress happen. So, who knows what's in store for us in this adventure of parenthood........

We thank you all for the prayers & support we have received over the last 18 months! It's not over yet, so please keep praying! Next time we update this blog it should be because we have a picture & info on our little boy (sorry we won't be able to post pics of him or personal info until we've finalized everything in Russian court). We're getting closer & closer to the end of this part of the journey. Travel for trip #1 will happen within weeks of getting our referral. So, it looks like Andrew's dream about us being in Siberia, Russia in the snow will be coming true. It makes me cold just to think about it :) It's a good thing Grandma has started knitting!

We have been asked by so many people why we are doing this crazy thing, why we just haven't given up on the waiting, & why we haven't switched to a domestic adoption. The answer is always the same-God created our son in Russia & that's where we are going no matter how long it takes. PERIOD! Life wasn't meant to be easy & we don't learn anything when we coast by without waiting, pain, & fulfilling our purpose. Andrew & I were made to do this. God has been preparing us for this our whole lives & we would do it again in a heartbeat even if we knew exactly what the process was going to be. Perspective is a beautiful thing! So, that is where things are at in this adventure. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010 it' been awhile since we've posted anything. We're still waiting. Waiting for our approval from Russia & waiting to see referral pictures & info for Jonathan. Things have been pretty crazy with Russia lately....most of you have heard about the woman in Tennessee who put her newly adopted Russian son on an airplane & sent him back to Moscow with a note saying she didn't want him anymore. It breaks my heart for him & for all of us who are waiting ot go get our Russian babies. As far as we have heard, adoptions are still being processed & thank the Lord our paperwork had been there for almost 4 weeks before this happened. No bad news yet from our agency.....heard from NCFA that adoptions are still being processed. Russia & U.S. need to agree on some new guidleines & rules, but we know we will get there. God's hand has been on this adoption from the start & we have learned to take the unexpected bumps in stride.

My heart aches for our has been freezing & snowing in Krasnoyarsk this week & it's May!!! I think things that moms should think- Is he warm enough? Is he hungry? Has he been held & cuddled today? Does he know he has a mom, dad, brother, two sisters, & a whole big group of people who love him? It's killing me not having him here, not even knowing what he looks like. I know that soon enough this agony will turn into joy.....lots and lots of joy!!! We can't wait. We have made a few small steps toward getting the house ready for him, but I can't let myself do too much yet. I don't think I could stand having a room ready for him at this point with no end date in sight. We'll get there, though. That's it for now....keep praying for our family, our new son, & all of the adoptive families waiting for their new babies, no matter where they come from!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We just found out that Jonathan is coming from Krasnoyarsk.....a city in Siberia! We have the city, paperwork is there, now we just need to see his face!! That's the next soon as Russia approves us. I can hardly contain my excitement!!! God is good :)


Here we are in March & I am happy to report that God is working in this adventure of our Russian adoption! He had some surprises in store for us this past weekend that were just a few pieces of the puzzle, but offered much needed encouragement as we wait for our approval from Russia & referral of our son. Here we go.....

I had not planned to go to our church's women's retreat this past weekend (even though I wanted to) and on Wednesday of last week I was surprised with a last minute spot that was open. I knew God had a specific purpose in me being there. The theme for the weekend was "The World Awaits You" which was definitely fitting for my life right now. On Saturday morning, God revealed why I was there. Our pastor's wife spoke about letting God be your GPS-do we follow His plan for our lives when He asks us to do something hard & uncomfortable like Abraham, or do we run away, try to take the "easier" road, & hide from God like Jonah? She shared the story of their family adopting two boys from Columbia several years ago & it was like God hit me on the head & said, "Pay Attention! This talk was written for you!!!" It was definitely encouraging & gave me new perspective on this journey.

While I was still away on Sunday, Andrew & the kids were at church. He was completely surprised with a large donation to our "adoption fund" from a church family!!! The Lord keeps surprising us with how He's providing the financial side of the adoption. WHAT A BLESSING!!!! It gets better....after church our pastor introduced him to a young woman who was adopted from Russia when she was a child. She wants to get to know our family & help us in any way she can with all of this. As an added bonus, she still speaks fluent Russian!!!! Isn't God amazing how He brought so much encouragement & so many details together in one weekend while Andrew & I were in two separate places?! Only He can do that! If you doubted what we were doing, were skeptical, or had no clue why a family with 3 kids would adopt another one from a foreign country, all I can say is how can you doubt now?! I have made the choice to enjoy the rest of the journey, awaiting the next surprise around the corner, even if it's not what I expected. Our hope is that our story of faith through this adventure will inspire people to jump in with both feet when God asks them to do something out of the ordinary & scary. The adventure continues.....I will share when we get our next surprise!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Progress...After a Long Wait!

This is Charity...yes I'm actually posting a blog! Well, now we are in February 2010 & things are moving along. There hasn't been much to report between August & now except a lot of disppointment, closed doors, and of course....WAITING!! We spent August- November applying for financial assistance with MANY adoption grant & loan organizations. All doors slammed shut due to low donations except for Lifesong for Orphans who helped us with fundraising. Thanks to some church family & friends we raised over $1,800 for adoption costs & we are very grateful. We also received our U.S. immigration approval in November which was a big relief. On the U.S. side we are officially approved!! Thanksgiving & Christmas came with the tough reminder that we were missing a part of our family....hoping to have a complete family by holidays 2010! I have to admit I had some VERY DARK & HOPELESS days during the holidays. Many moments asking God what He was doing & how He was going to do it...He kept telling me to hold on for January...He was going to surprise us in January. True to His promise- He did! Why do we doubt? Through a crazy way He led us to America's Christian Credit Union who happens to do adoption status as an APU alumni made us eligible for membership so we could apply for the loan!!! Who knew the college I went to would matter so much?? Again, God's fingerprints all over this adventure. They approved us for a $10,000 loan with low interest, low payment, and in a tough economy!! The loan provided what we needed for our dossier to be stamped & signed by all of the officials here in the States, translated, & part of the fees for Russia!! Documents are in translation as I type!!!!! As an added bonus, Andrew got our taxes done on the same day we found out about the loan & God provided the rest of Russia's country fee through our tax refund!! He is good :) So, at this point we are about 80% funded, documents are being translated & then off to be approved by Russian government. This should take a few months & then next step is our referral. I can't believe that we will soon see his face in pictures...and then in real life. We are going to keep his Russian name as his middle name & give him the name Jonathan. Ben chose it for his little brother & it means "mighty warrior of God." I think it will fit. So, that's the latest on the adoption journey & as always we request your prayers & encouragement!!