Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Progress...After a Long Wait!

This is Charity...yes I'm actually posting a blog! Well, now we are in February 2010 & things are moving along. There hasn't been much to report between August & now except a lot of disppointment, closed doors, and of course....WAITING!! We spent August- November applying for financial assistance with MANY adoption grant & loan organizations. All doors slammed shut due to low donations except for Lifesong for Orphans who helped us with fundraising. Thanks to some church family & friends we raised over $1,800 for adoption costs & we are very grateful. We also received our U.S. immigration approval in November which was a big relief. On the U.S. side we are officially approved!! Thanksgiving & Christmas came with the tough reminder that we were missing a part of our family....hoping to have a complete family by holidays 2010! I have to admit I had some VERY DARK & HOPELESS days during the holidays. Many moments asking God what He was doing & how He was going to do it...He kept telling me to hold on for January...He was going to surprise us in January. True to His promise- He did! Why do we doubt? Through a crazy way He led us to America's Christian Credit Union who happens to do adoption status as an APU alumni made us eligible for membership so we could apply for the loan!!! Who knew the college I went to would matter so much?? Again, God's fingerprints all over this adventure. They approved us for a $10,000 loan with low interest, low payment, and in a tough economy!! The loan provided what we needed for our dossier to be stamped & signed by all of the officials here in the States, translated, & part of the fees for Russia!! Documents are in translation as I type!!!!! As an added bonus, Andrew got our taxes done on the same day we found out about the loan & God provided the rest of Russia's country fee through our tax refund!! He is good :) So, at this point we are about 80% funded, documents are being translated & then off to be approved by Russian government. This should take a few months & then next step is our referral. I can't believe that we will soon see his face in pictures...and then in real life. We are going to keep his Russian name as his middle name & give him the name Jonathan. Ben chose it for his little brother & it means "mighty warrior of God." I think it will fit. So, that's the latest on the adoption journey & as always we request your prayers & encouragement!!

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  1. Wow! Continuing to pray for you and your family!

    -Christi & The Lifesong Staff