Monday, May 3, 2010 it' been awhile since we've posted anything. We're still waiting. Waiting for our approval from Russia & waiting to see referral pictures & info for Jonathan. Things have been pretty crazy with Russia lately....most of you have heard about the woman in Tennessee who put her newly adopted Russian son on an airplane & sent him back to Moscow with a note saying she didn't want him anymore. It breaks my heart for him & for all of us who are waiting ot go get our Russian babies. As far as we have heard, adoptions are still being processed & thank the Lord our paperwork had been there for almost 4 weeks before this happened. No bad news yet from our agency.....heard from NCFA that adoptions are still being processed. Russia & U.S. need to agree on some new guidleines & rules, but we know we will get there. God's hand has been on this adoption from the start & we have learned to take the unexpected bumps in stride.

My heart aches for our has been freezing & snowing in Krasnoyarsk this week & it's May!!! I think things that moms should think- Is he warm enough? Is he hungry? Has he been held & cuddled today? Does he know he has a mom, dad, brother, two sisters, & a whole big group of people who love him? It's killing me not having him here, not even knowing what he looks like. I know that soon enough this agony will turn into joy.....lots and lots of joy!!! We can't wait. We have made a few small steps toward getting the house ready for him, but I can't let myself do too much yet. I don't think I could stand having a room ready for him at this point with no end date in sight. We'll get there, though. That's it for now....keep praying for our family, our new son, & all of the adoptive families waiting for their new babies, no matter where they come from!!!

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