Sunday, January 30, 2011


To our BIG surprise, the kids' passports arrived on Friday! It only took 3 weeks for them to get here....AMAZING! God continues to show us step by step how HE is getting us ready for this adventure, but the waiting for our referral is really getting unbearable. My heart is aching to see his little face & know who he we need the crib? Do I need to start stocking up on diapers? Is he old enough to be speaking yet? What's his Russian name? So many questions, so much still unknown...WHEN WILL IT BE TIME TO GET HIM????? I am learning daily to manage my impatience & turn my focus back on the fact that God's timing is perfect. He is showing us step by step that we are almost there. The feelings are becoming more about getting prepared rather than being ticked off that it hasn't happened in our timing. There is peace in that & I know we are learning BIG lessons in trust & letting go of control. We also know there are a few things that need to be worked out before we head off on this adventure.

So, all passports are ready & all 5 of us are ready to the meantime we are living through some good friends of ours who are in China right now getting their daughter. We are so thankful for people like them who have been through this & have been an example to us. So, please keep praying & sending encouragement our way! We need it more than you know. In the meantime, we continue to WAIT.....I am looking forward to my post that is titled "REFERRAL!!!" We're praying it's soon...we're at 11 months since dossier registration!!!


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