Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Paperwork Frustration

Our court documents got to Russia last week......but there were a few problems, of course! We had five documents that needed to be redone. Basically, our home appraisal & deed from the county as well as the CA statute on adoption something or other were "too lengthy." Russia court requested simpler versions of the same thing that they are used to seeing. Also, the CA Dept. of Justice did not sign our fingerprint clearance letters & we have not been able to get a hold of a live person to request new ones. On top of all of that, the kids' medical clearance forms are 3 months time sensitive & will expire on June 14. We are looking at a court date of mid-June, but they have asked we get updated current forms singed & notarized by the kids' doctor. This part is so frustrating because the first time getting this done was a nightmare!! We waited 2 1/2 hours with a notary & our peditrician's office was very unccoperative about the whole thing. So, we found a new doctor to redo all of this for us next week. They've been very nice & understanding about the whole thing. We feel much better about making this change.

So, we are back to waiting, paperwork, & just pure frustration. It's not a complete's very common for Russian adoption judges to ask for additional paperwork or for things to be redone to their satisfaction. You never know what they will say...we're trying to be patient & know God's timing is perfect. They will most likely not give us a court date until they receive the redone paperwork, but we have hope our adoption people in Russia can persuade them to go ahead & set the date knowing that everything will be on it's way in a few weeks. We have been hoping & praying for a June court date & that's definitely still a possibility, even with the paperwork delay. We'll see :) We miss our little guy SO MUCH & are dying to get back to him! Everything else is ready & in place....God is providing the last of the financial part & we just need to get childcare & travel plans set once we get our dates confirmed.

His room is just about finished, he has more than enough toys & clothes thanks to some friends, & I've started stocking up on diapers & wipes! This weekend is shopping for a car seat & just a few other things we need for him. Then we are all set....we just need the baby!

Ben & Tara's birthdays are in mid-July, so we are hoping to be home from Russia by then. We will definitely have a lot to celebrate! Please pray with us that we can get all of this ridiculous paperwork drama behind us & get our court date ASAP!! Our biggest obstacle with this is getting new SIGNED letters from the DOJ. We have a Plan B in place if that doesn't happen, so we'll see what happens. We learned from our first trip that it would be helpful to know a few more basic words in Russian, so Andrew is currently listening to a CD to try & learn some more. We'll see how that works out!

Thanks for praying & we'll keep you posted.

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