Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The last three days have been madness, but we have made MAJOR progress with travel plans!

Our hotels are booked & I found GREAT rates for super expensive Moscow! Our flights had been booked yesterday, but we found out this morning that our travel agent had made a mistake with one's getting fixed at their expense & will all be fine tomorrow. After short notice planning for first trip, we had a very realistic view of planning this time. There's always something that will go wrong...but it can be fixed :) We have most of the paperwork together that we need to take & are just waiting to get our lab results back tomorrow. I have almost everything together for the babysitters & have I mentioned how great they are??!!! We are very blessed that our kids will be in very good hands while we're gone!! Our passports will be back on Friday with our visas which is NUMBER ONE important thing! No visas & entering Russia.

God's timing is always so perfect...we have great family friends coming to stay with us tomorrow night & we are very excited to see them! They have been down the adoption road twice & are a great encouragement to us. It's perfect that we get to spend some time with them before we leave next week. Saturday we'll be doing an early birthday dinner for Ben & Tara since we'll be gone for their birthdays. I guess I'll start laundry & packing on Monday....

The weather is warming up in Russia which helps with packing. No coats, hats, gloves, & layers this time :) There has been some rain, but Moscow temps have been in the 70's & Kras temps have been in the 50's & 60's. We'll take it!!! It may be a nice change from HOT Southern CA summers.

Good news...we had thought we would have to wait until day 13 after court to get the baby because of the weekend, but we found out the orphanage director should let us get him on Saturday right after the normal 10 day wait :) YAY!!! We will get visits with him during the 10 days, but the thought of waiting those extra few days to take him with us was depressing. We are very happy for this news.

We feel very peaceful & calm in the midst of the planning madness. It helps that we've done this once before & know what to expect when we get there. We plan to soak up the experience & enjoy it as much as we can.

1. Visas & passports make it on Friday like they are supposed to! (4th of July weekend made timing tricky).
2. Confirmation on airfare mistake getting fixed & new flight info ASAP.
3. Safety for travel & in Russia.
4. Being away from the kids for a whole's going to be tough!
5. COURT DAY!!!!! U.S. EMBASSY DAY!!! (2 most important days).
6. Our little guy will adjust & bond to us. His first airplane trip is going to be a LOONNGGG 13 hours!

Thank you all again for following our adventure & praying! We will be able to post pictures after we get him OFFICIALLY :) There will be many pictures & video to come!


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  1. So happy to hear about your progress in getting your son home! Can't wait to see the pictures of him when he comes home with you. You will have a total of 2 sons and 2 daughters very soon.

    Love in Christ, Nena