Saturday, July 23, 2011


Here he is......
Jonathan Yevgeny Murphy
Born: June 2, 2010
Adopted: July 23, 2011
After 2 years, 4 months, & 21 days of waiting he is FINALLY our son (legally, that is!). Today has been a great & emotional day. We were picked up around 10 AM & headed to make the rounds of all of the government offices for the official paperwork. Andrew was very happy to see that Y had put a carseat in the van :) We got his new birth certificate & court decree then dropped them off with our interpretor so she can get them translated for us. We also stopped at a few different offices to take care of applying for his passport & Andrew will go with Y late Tuesday to pick it up. Then it was time to head to the orphanage!!
We got there at about 11:45 which was right before lunch time. The caregivers were very concerned about him having lunch on time, so we agreed they could feed him before bringing him to us. One of the caregivers took his new clothes & shoes upstairs. Then about 20 minutes later he was brought to us all dressed in his new clothes. He came right to me & his caregiver got a little emotional. She was very nice & had gone with us to get his passport photos taken. S took a few pictures of us & then we headed back to the apartment. Y got the portable crib all set up & then said goodbye. Jonathan got very comfortable with the aapartment pretty quickly & was into the toys. We were able to talk to 2 of the babysitters on skype & introduce them to Jonathan, but the kids were all ready in bed. Then Uncle Jarrod & Aunt Laura got to meet him thanks to skype again! We will talk to the kids when they wake up in the morning which will be close to bedtime for us. We can't wait for them to meet him!
Then we made our last trip to the grocery store & Jonathan just took everything in. He even helped push the cart :) All of these "normal" experiences are new for him & it's so fun to watch him. We're trying to stick to his schedule as much as we can, so at 3:00 sharp he went down for his nap. He rocked himself back & forth in the crib for a minute & then he was out. We'll see how sleeping tonight goes...Tomorrow & Monday we plan to take him out in his city to get some pictures. There's also a big park here we're going to check out. We only have 3 full days left here & then we'll be headed to Moscow bright & early on Wednesday morning!! Jonathan & Andrew are both taking naps right now & then we'll be taking him out to dinner to celebrate his Gotcha Day :) Thank you all who are keeping up on facebook for the encouraging comments! They are helping to get us through! We will be home in 11 days :)

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  1. He is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Tears in West Covina! Hugs to you all! ♥ Marsha