Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Waiting Day 7!!

Today's visit was quite eventful....and MESSY!!! When we arrived at the orphanage, there were 4 caregivers waiting with baby in the music room. They had his lunch tray all ready for us & there was enough food to feed 3 babies! Their biggest meal of the day is lunch & this is considered a special meal when the adoptive parents get to come feed their child. He came right to me & again...NO TEARS! We sat him down at the little table & our favorite caregiver showed us how they feed him the soup. It was a bowl big enough for a man with a big spoon! After she gave him a few spoonfuls it was my turn. He ate every drop of soup in that big bowl along with a piece of bread! I started feeding the mashed potatoes & meat/vegetable mixture (not quite sure what it was exactly) to him & he only ate about half of it. He decided it was more fun to spit it out & play with it. The craziest part is that he drank tea right out of a teacup & actually didn't make a mess with that. By the end of the meal, he was a big mess with soup & mashed potatoes all over his face & shirt. The caregiver took him to get cleaned up & then brought him back a few minutes later.
He got very comfortable playing with us right away & then he pooped. Fortunately he was wearing a diaper just for our visit so there was no mess :) Y went & got a caregiver to change him & they brought him back with underwear on this time. They start "potty training" at 6 months here because diapers are so expensive. They just sit the babies on the potties every hour or two & don't take them off until they go. Well....about 20 minutes later he peed all over the floor! Y went & got a diaper & change of pants for me to change him this time. He HATES to have his diaper & clothes changed! He squirmed & flopped all over which made it a challenge, but in the end I got him dressed!
He ignored Andrew for the first half of the visit & was playing pretty independently. It was so great to see him just play & be a boy. Crashing trucks together is definitely one of his favorite things & he tests out toys by throwing them on the ground to see how much noise they make :) He finally warmed up to Andrew when they started chasing each other around the room. We also got him blowing raspberries which he thought was hilarious. Then it was time to get him appropriately dressed to go have playtime with his group outside. The outfit he ended up in was priceless....green shirt, green shorts, orange socks, pink shoes, & a light yellow scarf/hat thing on his head!! He looked like an elf...we got pictures which he'll probably be completely embarrassed about one day!! It's all about what's clean & somewhat fits at the orphanage...not fashion! Don't worry...we are ready with plenty of USC & Angels all boy outfits for him!! I can't wait until Saturday when he gets to leave in his new clothes & we can give him a bath!
We said goodbye, came back to the apartment for a few minutes, & then headed to Cinnabon for good coffee & cinnamon rolls :) It was much needed!!!! Then we found him some shoes in the right size at the big children's store. Everything is SOOOO marked up here & we were happy to find the shoes on sale for 50% off (they were still about $25!!!). Tomorrow we get to take him to the photo studio for his passport pictures & will probably get a tour of his part of the orphanage. I'm emotionally trying to prepare myself for that. Things are going well & tomorrow is the halfway point to HOME!!! Only 3 days to go until he is in our arms for good :)

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