Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting Day 1

We got through day one of the 10 day waiting period! It was an unusually hot day...91 degrees in Siberia!! Who would've thought that was possible?!
Our visitation appointment was at 12:30. When we got to the orphange, we were told that we could play with him outside on the playground (I use that term loosely) since it was so warm. There's no A/C in the orphanage, so that was a good decision. It was another 15 minutes before they brought baby downstairs to us & he was walking with one of the caregivers. I kneeled down & reached my hands out to him...he cried. Normal for the second day, but the tears only lasted a minute. The caregiver picked him up & started walking outside with him. I decided right then & there that I was going to carry him outside. PERIOD! I took him from her & he did just fine...a little nervous, but he clung onto me. She finally left us alone & we let him walk around holding our hands. It was like he was showing us around his place. Very cute :) I got the GREATEST picture of him walking with Andrew which will be posted as soon as he's officially ours.
He would warm up to us & then get upset if a familiar caregiver came near us. It was time for his group to come outside for play time & that caused some problems. He was very distracted from us & kept walking toward his group. One of the caregivers was very concerned that he did not have a hat on & went all the way inside to get one for him. No matter the weather, children's heads are always covered here so they don't get sick. Y made a comment about how the caregivers don't have a clue that they need to give the families some space with their children & asked them to stay on the other side of the playground where he couldn't see them. Let me just add that there are some other BEAUTIFUL babies here who need families...just sayin'. After a while he was doing better with us :) There were very few tears today & we got him to almost smile while playing with a ball & stomping his feet. I was so glad we had water with us & he drank about half of the bottle. The heat & humidity made us all a little tired. When it was time to go we took him over to his group & said goodbye. One of the caregivers was very affectionate with him & when she put him down he looked at me & cried. Again, heartbreaking while at the same time a good sign.
We get to go back tomorrow at the same time & were told that we could bring some snacks & a cup of water or juice for him. Feeding is a big part of bonding...just giving him some water today made a difference in his trust for us. We stopped at the Krasnoyarsk Regional Opera House & Ballet to see if they had tickets available right now. We had seen a sign for "Romeo & Juliet" ballet, but it turns out it's not until October :( BIG BUMMER (for me, anyway!). The opera & ballet here & at the Bolshoi in Moscow are off season. Andrew wasn't too upset.
We are feeling much more at peace now that court is over! We are all ready 8 days into the trip. We have 9 days to go until he is officially ours & in our care. 20 days until we leave for home! It sound slong, but it has gone by faster than we thought so far. Thank you again for all of the support & prayers!

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