Friday, July 15, 2011

Waiting Day 3

We've made it through waiting day #3! We caught up on some sleep yesterday...we took a 6 hour nap & then went back to bed about 3 hours later. We woke up this morning to the sound of a loud thump, flapping, & bird seems a bird flew into the window of our enclosed patio! It's a good thing it wasn't open :) We decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at Cinnabon which is only a few blocks up the street, but it was only 8 AM & they didn't open until 10. We were STARVING & found Traveler's Coffee up the street. They were just opening when we got there & we had some GREAT coffee for the first time in 10 days & good omelettes :) Then we headed back to the apartment to talk to the kids on skype, watched mercy Road's question & answer session with Pastor Josh, watched PFB's service from Sunday, & got ready for our visit with baby.
He did REALLY well today & we made good progress with bonding! He cried for about 30 seconds when I took him from the caregiver, but then he was okay. We had our visit outside today since the weather was nice & we met a French couple who was having a visit with their little girl. They spoke a little English & it was nice to have another family to talk to :) They just arrived yesterday & were having their first visit before court next Tuesday. They asked about court & we assured them it would be fine & wasn't as bad as the anticipation. Their little girl is BEAUTIFUL & was born the same week as our boy.
Today he took snacks from daddy & at first would only eat them if Andrew put them in his mouth. We tried the sippy cup again & he got it a little quicker today, but then would go back to chewing it. He'll figure it out soon. We let him go down the slide, ride a push car, & his favorite was the baby swing. That's when his personality really started coming out! We got some great video of him swinging & laughing out loud! He's a very quiet, serious thinker & this was the first real noise we had heard from him besides crying. By the end of the visit he was taking snacks out of the snack cup, feeding himself, & letting both of us cuddle with him. We got A LOT of smiles & laughter today! The next 2 days are Saturday & Sunday so we don't get visits with him :( When we asked about tomorrow, Y said yes, but then later said, "Rest for next few days. See you on Monday same time." Bummer! Things get a little lost in translation sometimes....
Y & S informed us that the cold water in the apartment's district was going to be turned off at some point in the next few days.....we'll see how that goes! We didn't understand exactly when or for how long, but we're praying it's quick! We plan to go to the Krasnoyarsk History Museum this weekend for something cheap to do & Y showed us a good store for buying nice souvenirs. We're hoping to find something special for baby to keep from his birth city. Next week will be busier with paperwork to sign & we'll get to take baby to the photo studio for passport pictures. We'll also get a few longer visits with him to feed him lunch & take a tour of the parts of the orphanage where he lives. Things are going well, but we miss home & the kids!! We are 1/3 of the way through the trip....18 days & then all 3 of us head HOME!!! Please keep praying us through!

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