Friday, July 22, 2011

Waiting Day 10!!!!

Today has been quite eventful!! The temperature dropped last night & we had a rain & lightning storm that knocked out our electricity. So, that's 2 utility disasters since we've been here...we've learned to laugh about it :) At about 8 AM we called Y & S to let them know. They called back a while later to tell us that a power line had been broken during the storm & power "should" be back on "soon." Those are two words that don't exactly have the same meaning that we're used to...things take a little longer to get done around here. We got dressed in the little bit of light coming in from the gloomy day outside & decided to head to Traveler's Coffee for a good breakfast. S called the cell phone to let us know the power was supposed to be working & to our surprise it was when we got back to the apartment! Miracles happen :)
Our visit today with baby was great. It was the LAST day of the 10 day waiting period!!!! WOOHOO!! The French couple was there, too & at first we were going to share the music room for our visits since the weather wasn't great & construction was going on outside on the playground. Then one of the caregivers said we could use the playroom next door, so we said goodbye to the French couple. So far their little girl has not broken out with chicken pox :) The new playroom actually had more to do & we wished we had done all of our visits in there! There's a ball pit, a slide, better toys....he had a blast! He also said "mama" about 10 more times :) Y got all of our paperwork together for the vital statistics office during our visit & we signed it. We said our LAST GOODBYE at the orphanage!! YAY!!!! We are really looking forward to tomorrow. When we got back to the apartment, I got the pack & play out so we could get the room arranged for it. Y likes to do things her way & told us she would put it up when we get back to the apartment after picking baby up. We've just learned to roll with it....Then I got his bag ready with his new outfit for his Gotcha Day. The caregivers will change him into his new clothes before they bring him to us. I can't wait :)
Tomorrow will go something like this: Y will go to have court papers signed & then take them to vital statistics office for his original birth certificate firstthing in the morning. She & S will then pick us up around 10 AM to go back to vital statistics for new birth certificate with his new name & our names on it :) After that I think we go to the passport office to apply for his passport. THEN we get to go to the orphanage once all official paperwork is in hand. We should get there sometime around 12:30 & be headed back to the apartment with him after we say good bye to his first home & caregivers. It will be bittersweet...we are so excited, but also have to be sensitive to the fact that he is about to leave the only place & people he hs ever known. We have been VERY impressed with how well he has been taken care of & how much his caregivers really care about him. We will forever be greatful to them!! So, tomorrow we will officially be parents again & cannot for all of you to meet him!! We love you kids & are one day closer to home!

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