Monday, July 18, 2011

Waiting Day 6

Today was a GREAT day! We got to visit our little guy after a long 2 day weekend of no visits. We were a little worried that he might regress with bonding since he hadn't been around us for few days, but he did great. Our BEST visit yet!
When we got to the orphanage, the French couple we met last week was there for their visit, too. They have court tomorrow & were signing some papers in the waiting area when their little girl was brought to them. She is GORGEOUS & the happy look on their faces when they saw her just melted my heart. We know EXACTLY how they feel :) The weather was nice so they headed outside for their visit which was our plan, too. A few minutes later our little boy came walking down the hall with my favorite caregiver. I kneeled down & held out his favorite teething toy we have had with us this whole time. He timidly came to me, BUT NO TEARS!!!! Andrew was standing by with the snacks & juice. We headed outside & he warmed up to playing with us almost instantly. PROGRESS!!!
His personality really started coming out today. He was very cuddly with both of us...he'll let Andrew hold him if he has snacks & if I'm sitting right next to them. He was helping himself to the snacks & feeding himself. We tried the sippy cup again & he did okay. He actually does really well drinking out of a water bottle. He was showing a lot of independence & is very good at figuring things out. All of a sudden it started sprinkling & lightning, so we headed for the covered play area. This is where he really started having fun & showing his true self. He was crashing trucks together, pushing the play wheelbarrow & push car around, & playing with anything that had wheels. He is a TOUGH kid! He fell several times & just got up & kept going as if it was no big deal. We had him laughing out loud & making happy noises like we hadn't heard yet. It was great!!! At one point he cracked himself up so much he started dancing & laughing so hard he almost fell over! This was by far the best day with him yet!
Towards the end of the visit, Y said she would give our huge bag of donations to the director. She took care of it while we were still playing outside & thanks to some friends, the children in the orphanage now have tons of new clothes, shoes, & toys!! Andrew's mom also knitted some hats, gloves, & booties for the babies. She wrote a thank you card to the director & a friend of hers from work who is from Russia translated the note. The director was very appreciative & touched. Time was up & one of the caregivers came outside to get him :( The closer we get to no more goodbyes, the harder it is to say goodbye. He happily went with her & smiled at us as he walked away. Only 4 more days to go & then we say goodbye to the orphanage!!!!! Y told us that we get to go 30 minutes earlier tomorrow so we can feed him lunch :) We know we'll have a few caregivers telling us what to do, but that's okay. We've learned to just go with their way while we're's just for a very short time. Wednesday or Thursday we'll go take care of passport photos & paperwork. We were told that on Saturday we'll go to the passport office first to pick up his passport & then get him from the orphanage sometime in the afternoon between 12:00 & 3:00. We will be counting the minutes!!!!
We took the shoes we brought for him today to make sure they fit & they're too small. So, we headed to the mall when we got home & found him a hat, but no shoes. They didn't have any of the shoes we liked in his size. We're going to try the big children's store tomorrow & we'll just leave the small shoes at the orphanage. So, we are almost there! Only 4 days to go....thanks again for praying & pictures will be coming soon!! We love you kids & we'll see you in 16 days!!

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