Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Waiting Day 8 & A Surprise :)

Today was day #8 of the waiting period...2 more to go! We had a really great day with baby today! When we got to the orphanage, we were told we would take him to the photo studio first. We went inside & a few minutes later one of the caregivers came walking down the hall with him. He came to me without being timid or crying, & actually kind of smiled when he saw us :) He had a bath & was wearing a very nice outfit for his pictures. There seem to be no carseats or laws about them here, so I just put him on my lap & buckled us both with my seatbelt. Andrew handled the no carseat thing well :) Baby really took in the experience of riding in the car! He liked the bumps in the road (there are MANY) & he just watched out the window to see what's going on. This was probably the first time he had ridden in a car since he was taken to the orphanage a year ago.
He did a great job getting his passport pictures taken. He seems to be used to a camera in his face! The caregiver went with us & she held him for the pictures. This was probably easier since she understood the photographer's directions. After they were finished, he actually reached for me to take him!!!!! This is the first time thathas happened. He also did REALLY well with Andrew today & let him hold him a lot. When we got back to the orphanage, we finshed our visit outside. The French couple was there for their first visit of their 10 day wait period. Their court hearing was yesterday & lasted 2 1/2 hours!!!!!! We felt really bad for them & told htem congratulations. We shared & rotated through the toys & play equipment with them. We are praying for their little seems the chicken pox is going through her group & she hasn't gotten it yet. If she does get it during the 10 day wait, this will cause delays for them in being able to take her back to Moscow while she is sick. We're praying she doesn't get it & all will go according to the plan!!
I got a HUGE surprise from baby today!!! He said "Mama" two times!!!!!!!!!! I was holding him & saying it to him, and all of a sudden he said it back to me :) I clapped & cheered which made him so proud of himself :) Then he said it again for Andrew, Y, & the French couple's facilitator to hear! Everyone cheered for him & he was so happy with himself. That made my week!! We had a great time playing with him today & he wore us out. He has SO MUCH energy & is so active! One of the caregivers commented that he should be a good athlete because he is so strong, tough, & active. It's a good thing because his big brother is ready to put a baseball & bat in his hands :) We got a little extra time with him today & he was very excited to go play with his friends when it was time for us to go. He seems to really like being with other children & we think he'll do great when we are ready to put him in the church nursery in a few months. We said goodbye & crashed for a nap when we got back to the apartment. Tomorrow we get to take a tour of the orphanage. Only 2 more days to go & then we are OFFICIAL! It has gone by fast & we are ready to have him for good & move on! We miss you & love you kids!!!! We are now more than halfway to HOME :)

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