Thursday, July 21, 2011

Waiting Day 9

Only one more day of the waiting period to go!!!! It's getting so hard to say goodbye to him at the end of our visits & leave him at the orphanage. We are SO HAPPY that tomorrow is the last time we have to do that! The bonding time with him in his familiar environment has been so beneficial for all of us, but it's time to move on :)
Today we were given a tour of his group's section of the orphanage after we had played with him for awhile. We'll get the pictures up on Saturday when we're all official. He seemed very proud & excited to show us around. There were two playrooms, the bathroom with a big tub & all of the potties, the "locker room," and the sleeping room. There are 15 cribs lined up in the sleeping room & each child's name, birthday, & number are on their crib. Their number is also on their potty, bathroom cubby that holds their towel & washcloth, & their locker. He actually had a pair of shoes, a hat, & a change of clothes in his locker. The playrooms were pretty sparse when it comes to toys & the bigger room had little tables & chairs for mealtimes. He has not experienced life outside of these rooms or the playground for the last year. That's all about to change! Then we finished our visit outside.
During playtime inside we definitely saw his side of mischief! We had to discipline for the first time becasue he kept taking toys & hitting the televsion that's in the music room. He knew he was being naughty & responded right away when we told him "niete!" (no). He started making a game out of it & would run towards the t.v. with a toy in his ahnd & then would run another direction when one of us told him "no." He thought it was funny, but was pretty responsive to our commands. We can tell he is going to be into EVERYTHING & his curiosity reminds us so much of Ben at that age. During playtime outside we saw just how tough he is. He tripped & fell on a big crack in the asphalt & just got up & kept going. Most kids would have been screaming, but I think that the combination of his personality & the fact that they are not coddled by the caregivers when they fall has made him so tough. He also fell backwards off the small bench & landed flat on his back...again no tears. I helped him get up & he just went on with life as if nothing happened. He mad a little progress with the sippy cup today & definitely speaks the language of food! He knows right where the snacks are & is not shy about trying to grab them. We're hoping he does well with all of the new foods he'll be having soon! Saying goodbye was hard, but we just told ourselves "only one more time!" We can't wait for Saturday afternoon when we FINALLY get to leave the orphanage with him for good.
We have 13 days to go until we are home & it cannot come soon enough!!! We miss the kids, home, good food, & are just ready for the 6 of us to be in the same country. We were able to watch the live webcast of our church's Wednesday night service this morning & that was a huge boost to our morale! Skype has been giving us technical issues which has made talking to the kids a little challenging this week. We love you guys & miss you! See you in 13 days!

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