Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out & About in Moscow

It's Sunday evening & we've spent the last two days trying to find things to do to keep us busy. We found a really good tourist map at the hotel & have tried to find things to do within walking distance. We haven't been brave enough to try & figure out the metro system since we can't read the signs & carrying around a one year old is a challenge. Yesterday we walked the 1.5 miles to the Moscow Zoo & spent a few hours there. It was only about $8 each to get in & Jonathan was a real trooper. Andrew had him strapped onto his chest in the baby carrier & the looks we got from people were so carrying the baby & mom carrying the backpack :) He is almost too big for the carrier & my lower back can't take the weight. He has really done well in public & we keep reminding ourselves that up until last week his world consisted of the orphanage. The zoo was okay...not quite San Diego Zoo standards, but it was something cheap to do! We found a good & reasonable Italian restaurant & an authentic Russian restaurant just a few blocks from the hotel. The food here is DEFINITELY a few steps up from Krasnoyarsk, but it is a little more expensive than home. Jonathan is SO FLIRTY with all of our waitresses!! He has had all of them just gushing all over him which I have to say has gotten us good service :)
Today was not too eventful....we had breakfast at a really good cafe just a few blocks away & then found a decent park after Jonathan's nap. It started raining while we were there, so we headed for the TGIFriday's just a few blocks away for lunch. This kid can eat!!! We had all ready fed him lunch at the hotel before we headed to the park, but he ate a whole cup of soup at the restaurant, too. The only food issues we're having are that he won't eat anything with chunks even though he has 8 teeth...they pureed & mashed everything at the orphanage to make feeding go faster. We're trying to teach him to eat little pieces & not spit food out! We're holding off on giving him milk until we get home since the milk here does not seem to settle well with him & they boiled it at the orphanage...gross! He has made huge progress in so many ways over the last 9 days we've had him!! He looks healthier & has more color in his face, he is sleeping really well, he is all ready saying "mama", "dada", & "yum." He says "yum" when he sees food. He is even eating a little slower which we knew we would have to teach him. Last night was HUGE progress with his bath!! He did not scream at all & had a great time playing with his bath toys! He is waving hello & goodbye to people & Andrew taught him "give me 5." His sisters have even taught him how to blow kisses thanks to Skype :) His temper tantrums have decreased a little (for now), but I'm sure we'll go through some issues with adjustment when we get home. We really can't believe what a different little boy he is after just 9 days!
It's Sunday morning at home & we are going to talk with our small group at church on Skype in a few hours! We are really looking forward to introducing Jonathan to our biggest support system through this adoption process (by internet, anyway). They'll get to meet him in person next week :) We will go pick up his registration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russian Consulate) late tomorrow afternoon & then all official paperwork is DONE!!! We'll spend Tuesday packing & are going to try to make it down to Red Square again. We'll be headed to the airport after breakfast on Wednesday morning & our flight takes off at 1 PM!! We can't wait to get home!!! Here are a few pictures from the last few days. Thank you to everyone for praying & keeping up with our adventure. Thank you to our amazing babysitters for taking great care of our kids!! Love you kids!! We'll be home in 3 days :)
Pushkin Literary Statue
Sliding at the park

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